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Life without Walls?

Are they serious? I know this advert has been out sometime now but I have seen 1 comedian on Youtube laying in to Microsoft but no one in the mainstream.

Walls sound useful to an operating system as insecure as Wind0ws:

used for shelter, protection, or privacy, or to subdivide interior space, to support floors, roofs, or the like, to retain earth, to fence in an area, etc.

So does life without walls seem like a good idea to you? and further more how did the marketing dept not manage to spot this?

Initial reports about windows 7 have been very positive but we will see.

And what is this advert?

Low Cost – Petabyte Storage

Meet the Backblaze:

67 Terabytes or Pure Sotrage!
Insane Sotrage!

A Backblaze Storage Pod is a self-contained unit that puts storage online. It’s made up of a custom metal case with commodity hardware inside. Specifically, one pod contains one Intel Motherboard with four SATA cards plugged into it. The nine SATA cables run from the cards to nine port multiplier backplanes that each have five hard drives plugged directly into them (45 hard drives in total).

Have a look at the Blog post here for more information.

Open Pandora

I have been keeping an eye on this site for quite sometime now: Open Pandora

and now the reason I am keeping an eye on this site (quote from the site):

The Pandora is a unique machine. It was designed based on the input of thousands of forum users with one goal in mind – to make the ultimate open source handheld device.

Thats right, a project involving thousands of people all over the world working on a an actual product.