Open Pandora

I have been keeping an eye on this site for quite sometime now: Open Pandora

and now the reason I am keeping an eye on this site (quote from the site):

The Pandora is a unique machine. It was designed based on the input of thousands of forum users with one goal in mind – to make the ultimate open source handheld device.

Thats right, a project involving thousands of people all over the world working on a an actual product.

Stone Henge

On the way down to Glastonbury we decided to go and see Stone Henge – but to get closer than the picture below you had to go through a tunnel under the road – which sounds good until you find out that it costs £7.50 and that only gets you a bit closer to the stones – you cannot touch them.

Well, the picture below over the fence was free 🙂

Stone Henge

Jodrell Bank

When a friend of mine who was over in Australia sent me a picture of Parks Telescope, the hunt for a large dish started this side of the globe – I found Jodrell Bank to send back to him, a kind-of dish top trumps!

Jodrell Bank
(Click for a larger image)

You can find the Jodrell Bank visitors centre here

Panoramic images

I have had an obsession with taking panoramic images for some time now and will be posting images taken with my GigaPan soon but here is a taste of whats to come – The original image is 6867 x 2583 pixels.

Looking across the valley from the windmills up wainstalls
Looking across the valley from the windmills up wainstalls (Click for a larger image)